Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

I’m tired.

It always happens at this “switching” time of the year. We lose an hour of sleep on Saturday night and feel the effects until the next weekend.

I actually have come to love Daylight Savings Time (DST). It gives me more time in the evening to do stuff I want to do.

Back when I was farming full time, DST just meant that I got home an hour later. It was challenging to stay on task and remember that the kid’s program was about to start. Dairy farmers really don’t like it because cows expect to be milked at the same time of the day everyday and are less than supportive of our clock manipulations.

The research team at the Capitol has written an interesting memo on DST: Colorado could choose to stay on standard time year around if we wanted, but we could only stay on DST year around with permission of the US Congress.

Arizona is the only state to take the pass on DST.

I’d prefer to stay on DST year around. Yes, it would make sunrise happen really late in December and January, but who cares, nothing good happens early in those months anyway.

I live on the far eastern edge of the Mountain Time Zone. It is 10 miles to the Central Time zone in Kansas; a little further in Nebraska. The clock is cruel to me no matter what. I have often called my brother who lives across the state and found that he was still out working when it was completely dark at my house.

In Wray, we’d be stuck on the fringes either way; I’d choose DST year around.

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