Friday, May 8, 2009

More Fun with the ACLU

It seems that the ACLU is really interested in my flippant comments about an ACLUSUX license plate. If you remember I wrote about it at this spot a couple weeks ago.

One of their representatives even wrote me an email to tell me they would defend my right to have such a license plate.

How magnanimous of them.
The Post has picked up the story for further development; probably because the ACLU rep contacted them with notice of their sincere desire to defend my freedom of license plate speech. From the story: "Censorship is censorship, and the ACLU doesn't draw any distinction between speech with which we agree and speech we may not like," spokeswoman Cathryn L. Hazouri said.
I just have to wonder though, if I could fit the 10 Commandments onto a license plate, would the ACLU defend my right to park my car at the state capitol with that plate on it? I suspect the answer is no, as they seem mostly to be interested in defending politically correct or obscene “speech”.

They really should rename themselves the PCACLU.

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