Friday, June 5, 2009

The last day of the session

I’ve spoken about this many times, but have failed to write about it. I thought you’d like to know what the last day of the session was like.

We cast votes on four significant pieces of legislation:

  1. The death penalty
  2. Use of cell phones in cars
  3. Capital gains taxes
  4. Jessica’s law

The day was really a microcosm of the year. The Democrats ignored the will of the people and advanced their agenda of higher taxes, less freedom, and placing the interests of criminals over citizens.

The vote on repealing the death penalty failed by one vote 17-18! It was one of the best debates I have ever heard in the Senate, with real passion and decent points on each side of the debate, but it is hard to overcome the sense of right and wrong in a clear statute that allows for the ultimate penalty in rare cases. What’s also interesting is that while this was essentially a 50-50 issue in the Senate, in the general population it is a 70-30 issue with 70% wanting to retain the death penalty.

The Democrats fired their first of many shots in blatantly increasing taxes by removing a credit on capital gains for Colorado investments. They passed this on the last day of the session. I am sure that they will be coming after more of our hard-earned money in a special session or early next year. The activist State Supreme Court gave them permission and they will increase taxes until they get the money that they want.

It will now be illegal for you to dial your phone while you are driving. That’s right, the cell phone ban applies to “manual data entry” as well as an out and out ban on anyone under the age of 18 using a phone while driving. And it is a primary offense which means the police will be able to pull you over if they see you doing it even if you are doing nothing else wrong. I am convinced that this bill will make a lot of people really mad. I just hope the folks remember that it passed 18-17 with no Republicans voting for it.

Finally, the Democrats stripped Jessica’s Law, or most of it, out of a bill dealing with crimes against children. They should be ashamed, but they aren’t. We really need to pass this law and protect kids from violent sexual predators, but the Dem’s just won’t vote for it.

There you have it; higher taxes, less freedom and less security. I’m glad the session only lasts 120 days.

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