Friday, April 24, 2009

ACLU license plates

A very funny story ran in the Post a couple weeks ago where the Department of Revenue (DOR) decided to deny a personalized license plate to a lady from Parker.

Apparently the lady really likes tofu instead of real food so she tried to get a license plate that said she loves tofu – ILVTOFU.

The dirty minded guys at the DOR, namely my friend Marc Chair (fictional name) decided to deny the plate because they never let a plate go with the letter F and the letter U in order.

There are a ton of letter combinations that they won’t allow and the list grows as more people create clever ways to say things for text messages for instance.

But now it’s reported that the ACLU has decided that they might have to take on the DOR over the tofu license plate!

Yes, the same ACLU that goes all over the country trying to find the Ten Commandments in a public place so they can insist that the Ten Commandments be taken down are about to argue that FU should be allowed on license plates in Colorado.

How about this plate: ACLUSUX, or maybe one that puts the new letters F and U on a plate with ACLU?

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