Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Car Tax II

It is interesting that SB108 is being held out as economic stimulus and job producing or job protecting.

It isn’t either in reality.

The federal infrastructure stimulus package requires that the money be spent on “shovel ready” projects. If you don’t have shovel ready projects, you don’t get the federal money.

Now, remember that the federal money is actually just borrowed from our kids and grandkids; we have to pay it back some day.

If SB108 money is actually used now to build roads and bridges and keep those workers employed, it has to be used on “shovel ready” projects.

So if we use SB108 money we can’t use the federal money; we have to turn it back. Our kids and grandkids will be saddled with the federal debt for nothing and our state taxes will have gone up.

What a ridiculous idea.

SB108 isn’t job creating; it isn’t economic stimulus; it is a massive tax increase on citizens during a recession, the worst recession in three decades.

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