Friday, February 27, 2009

Marriage Tax

Senator Tax Morse is back raising taxes and calling them fees by this time taxing marriage.

The current charge for a marriage license is $10. Seven dollars goes the local county clerk for handling the transaction and the other three dollars is spent on state record keeping of the data.

That’s just what a government fee is supposed to do, cover the cost of administering the program.

Along comes Senator Morse with a strong desire to find a way to fund domestic violence programs in the state, so what does he do? Increase the fee on a marriage license from $10 to $30 and convert that additional twenty bucks into domestic violence funding.

Never mind that married couples are three times less likely to have domestic violence issues. Never mind that fees are supposed to be related to the cost of the program. He just wants the money.

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  1. Hi Senator Brophy,

    I saw this on Yahoo today

    It is an article about a panel wanting the federal government to raise gas taxes and charge motorists by the mile... sound familiar? Btw, has that officially passed here yet? If the federal government passes a similar tax, would we in Colorado get double whammied?