Saturday, February 21, 2009

Car Tax IV

The Car Tax has passed the House Transportation and Appropriations Committees with only minor changes. It will now go to the floor of the House for final passage.

So far, no Republican has voted for the bill. You can see the vote from House Approps here, and the vote from House Trans here. In the Senate two Democrats voted against the bill.

I flipped through the committee reports from the House. The changes look like minor stuff related to ride sharing cars being charged as regular owned cars instead of rental cars which get slapped with and extra $2 a day charge and exemptions to the car tax for some collectors’ cars.

Rumor has it that the leaders of the Democrat House and Senate have secured enough votes to have the car tax bill pass the House. If they are right, the only way to stop this bill is to contact the Governor and ask him to veto the bill.

I do not think there is any way that Governor Ritter will veto this as it is really his idea, but it is worth a try; he’s been inconsistent in the past.

Contact his office by calling 303.866.2471 or email him through this link.

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